The history of state or public museums has been the focus of numerous research and publications. Yet little research has considered private museums, even though the number of private art museums has risen dramatically over the past two decades.

The GPM Research Centre is first research centre dedicated to privately-funded art museums which are run by individuals, private foundations, associations or companies, with publicly accessible collections in any country or region of the world.

The GPM Research Centre’s mission is to:

  • Provide consulting, research and professional development opportunities;
  • Support private museums through statistics and data collection;
  • Define, assess, and improve the effectiveness of private museums;
  • Identify, analyze and disseminate best practices and promote their use through the publication of interviews, articles, research reports and books;
  • Advance professional standards and benchmarking within the sector;
  • Strengthen links between private museums and universities.


The GPM Research Centre presents lectures, symposia and research projects, as well as international workshops in order to discuss and deepen current research on private collecting and its relations to other aspects of the art world.

Our research is informed by quantitative and qualitative analysis of large-scale data sets, as well as by in-depth qualitative interviews with collecting families and examine a number of different dimensions:

  • What are the reasons behind the current rise of private museums? Are there regional, national or country-specific differences?
  • Who are the key players and who are the visitors (local public or communities, tourists, children, etc.)?
  • What kind of art is acquired, collected, exhibited and, in some cases, resold on behalf of these museums?
  • Do private museums cooperate with, compete with, or take the place of state/public institutions?
  • Are they established for the long term or only for the current generation?
  • What impact do government subsidies such as tax breaks (e.g. on inheritance tax or value added tax) have on collector’s decisions to establish their own museum instead of supporting public museums with their own collections?

The GPM Research Centre is supported through funding from private foundations as well as corporate sponsors providing project support.


The GPM Research Centre receives operating support from research partners, private foundations and corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsors provide funding for specific research initiatives and the Global Private Museum Report. If you are interested in supporting the GPM Research Centre, please contact Name Surname, Head of Business Development, at …..


The professionalism of today’s art world requires from museum leaders’ know-how in many different fields, such as strategy development, legal and tax issues, cultural asset stewardship, risk management, economical sustainability, art market strategies and media relations.

The GPM Research Centre has developed specific in-depth training opportunities for Private Museums, Collecting Families and Executives.

Private Museums

To provide a continuous training for its members, the GPM Research Centre organizes workshops which proactively address the challenges that private museums are facing in conservation, documentation, education, legal issues, and new technologies. Trained by high profile referents in small groups, participants will learn from experts as well as from peers in a familial and focused environment.

Collecting Families

  • Aimed at collecting families, these workshops offer a platform for exchange and networking with experts and provides development opportunities for:
  • Establishment of private museums and archives;
  • Organization of existing collections and archives;
  • Digitalization of the collections and archive materials;
  • Legal, administrative and insurance matters;
  • Organization of cultural and philanthropy activities: studies, publications, exhibitions, scholarships and prizes

Executive Education

  • The GPM Research Centre can provide bespoke training that suits the professional development needs of:
  • Companies and Corporate Foundations;
  • Private Bank and Family Foundations;
  • Non-profit organizations;
  • Wealth Advisors and Family Offices.


List of books, articles, interviews on private museums

Advisory Board

The GPM Research Centre leverages on the experience of an Advisory Board composed by outstanding personalities from the industrial, financial, academic and non-profit sectors. The Advisory Board advises on questions relating to the research program, and on the peer-reviewed publications.