Thomas Grünfeld: intercom




2 Sep 2017-30 Nov 2020


Thomas Grünfeld's work first achieved international attention with his misfits series, a group of hybrid animal sculptures which he began in the late eighties. Less known, however, are his upholstered objects. After his 2014 retrospective Homey at the Museum Morsbroich in his hometown of Leverkusen, Grünfeld, who is also a professor for sculpture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, will present a.o. several upholstered objects from the the series Fireplaces (2016) alongside the twelve-part dye-transfer series Heimspiel (1999). The exhibition's title, intercom, originates from the Latin words 'inter' - between - and 'communicare' - to communicate. In everyday usage, the term designates a communication system that transmits human language via electronic signals. Here, communication often takes place via a perforated metal interface containing a speaker and microphone. Meanwhile, the messages' recipient remains concealed.