Qin Yifeng’s Works




2 Sep 2017-30 May 2018


Yuz Museum is set to open Qin Yifeng’s solo exhibition on September 2nd, 2017, “QIN YIFENG’S WORKS”. This is the first exhibition of a set of negative film works by Qin that has already drawn widespread attention in the art world. Qin Yifeng (born in 1961) is an established artist based in Shanghai, who has engaged himself in the creation of art for more than 30 years. He has learnt calligraphy since childhood, the essence of which – the spiritual cultivation and formal aesthetics – deeply influences his artistic creation. Around 1992, Qin has established the painting style called “Xian Chang (field of lines).” In the early stage of “Xian Chang”, the cube, constructed by lines, is created as the visual subject to explore the composition of lines and planes, the relationship between two and three dimensions, as well as the overlapping and twisting of space. Since the artist abandoned the cube and gradually developed a style of pureness, his use of color gets more solemn and tranquil, creating different variations of formal aesthetics, spatial relationships, virtual-real visions, and mood atmospheres in a simple composition. Qin is also a collector and researcher of Ming-dynasty wooden furniture, of which he makes unique photography works. This group of works will be on display in the exhibition.