9th Terrace Exhibition: Homage To Masters of Sculpture



Arif Çekderi, Caner Şengünalp, Çağdaş Erçelik, Emre Özçaylan, Ergin Soyal, Ersin Uysal, Halil Daşkesen, Levent Ayata, Mahmut Aydın, Meliha Sözeri, Sanem Tufan , Şenay Ulusoy, Tanzer Arığ, Uğur Cinel


4 Jul 2017-28 Oct 2017


The Terrace Exhibitions, first of which was held in 2012 by Elgiz Museum, entered its sixth year in June 2017. The Terrace Exhibition idea which was initiated by Can Elgiz, consists of utilizing the terrace rooftop of Elgiz Museum as a “Sculpture Garden”, which can be reached by an elevator from the Museum. The ninth of these sculpture exhibitions which were evaluated from scratch by harmonious and devoted efforts of the Sculpture Board including a most valuable and experienced academic triumvirate with an extensive knowledge of art. As the fifth year came to a close, a new selection method was experimented for the sixth year and invitations were sent to twenty artists who had exhibited in the previous terrace shows. 14 sculptors responded positively with their project proposals and the Sculpture Board evaluated these proposals, for each project to be realized and exhibited in the Terrace. A selection of fourteen artists were invited, each have been given approximately twice the area of previous Terrace events to install their artworks. The names of the artists and of their works, which imply strong references through the proposed framework, are as follows: Arif Çekderi – I’m Safe, Ikarus;  Caner Şengünalp – Inferno; Çağdaş Erçelik – Karagoz and Hacivat; Emre Özçaylan –Lotka & Volterra; Ergin Soyal– Kissing; Ersin Uysal –Untitled; Halil Daşkesen -Articulate; Levent Ayata – I’m Bored; Mahmut Aydın –Female Don Quixote; Meliha Sözeri – Cave; Sanem Tufan – 8B and 3D; Şenay Ulusoy – The Naked King; Tanzer Arığ –Dreaming On the Clouds II, Gate; Uğur Cinel – Door. *        *        * This year, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair is being held concurrently with the 15. İstanbul Biennial in September, which attracts a closer attention from the global art audience. Istanbul Biennial is expected to draw major artists, critics, museum directors and international art collectors to Istanbul in its first week. It is worth noting that the 9th Terrace Exhibition will be on view during these weeks in addition to a selection from the permanent collection as well as the memorial exhibition of the valued artist Abdurrahman Öztoprak who passed away in 2011. Due to the 100th anniversary of Auguste Rodin’s death, we wanted to commemorate this grandmaster of sculpture and to be reminded of him as a source of inspiration to our young sculptors participating in the 9th terrace exhibition.