Captive of Love: Exhibition of Danwen Xing




10 Sep 2017-20 Jun 2018


Xing Danwen’s exhibition “Captive of Love” focuses on her relationship to the city, as well as a personal narrative of her own generation in China in the 1990s. The title of the exhibition is the English translation of Un Captif Amoureux, the title of the last book by French poet and writer Jean Genet on the Palestinian revolution and the Black Panther movement. Genet always questioned society and was drawn to rebellions. The book describes his experience of living among Palestinian and Black Panther activists “in [his] own chosen order” and unique narrative style, creating an exceptionally poetic and insightful text.
The exhibition recalls several threads from Jean Genet’s book, which provide a prism for a special reading of Xing’s artistic practice; in every image she creates, Xing reconstructs reality, as if driven by a compulsive desire to be at the center of the incident, approaching her characters with a marked sensuality. Through photographs, installations, and videos, Xing positions herself inside the event as a subject, a model, or a critical eye, creating a visual language that is both subversive and poetic.