<p><strong>&quot;People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it was&nbsp; &nbsp;</strong>&nbsp;<strong>&nbsp;necessary to understand, when it&#39;s simply necessary to love&quot;</strong>&nbsp;As Claude Monet said: &ldquo;There is no need to use any complicated statements to express the passion and love for the art and culture.&rdquo; Salsali Private Museum (SPM) is the reflection of this passion in the most simple way. The simplicity of the concept of SPM will contribute to eliminate any possible intimidation and/or hesitation of any individuals not only to start to collect art, but also to showcase their collections. I advocate and appeal for the social responsibility of all individuals and corporations to contribute to the development of creativity in their communities by supporting art and culture, collecting art and sharing it with the public. We all have a responsibility and an inevitable duty to maintain and continue core values. Supporting art, does belong to these values and is an universal language for a peaceful communication among cultures. A museum of art is the responsive tool and a supportive platform in this context. It is a temple for tranquility, love and inspiration. Created in 2011 in Dubai, the Salsali Private Museum considers its position as a cultural base and platform for new and established collectors. SPM acts as a catalyst for creating a new generation of collectors. SPM is not only the first private museum for the contemporary art in the region, but also the first collector center in the world to provide a free of charge service to the local and international collectors, allowing them to connect with each other and with artists, galleries and the creative community of the region. Salsali Private Museum is a contribution to the unique process of the development of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai as an evolving hub for the art and culture of the Middle East. It is a true example for the social responsibility and commitment of all individuals and corporations to contribute to the development of creativity in their communities.</p>

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TIBE NOW: Free Drinks, Boots and Tickets to the Apocalypse

03/14/2019 - 04/30/2019

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