The focus of this edition of JSC ON VIEW is on works from the JULIA STOCHEK COLLECTION that engage with sociopolitical topics. The exhibition in the Düsseldorf collection building presents seven video and film works and eight photographs by eleven international artists. In addition to time-based art, the emphasis is on the genre of photography, which is also well-represented in the collection. The selected works not only look back thematically at past, political, and historical locations but also socially relevant events in the present age, which is characterized by political instability and violent conflicts. They also document current forms of territorial mechanisms of power and individual political resistance. Individuals and groups who are confronted with exclusion and separation take center stage in these works and are empowered through their diversity and differences. The works also present alternatives and unconventional havens for grappling with the political and social uncertainties of our time. In addition, the works reflect on the medium itself: photography’s claim to authenticity in the digital and global age. The photographic and time-based works illustrate how images can be manipulated, staged, and distributed on the internet and mass media. They thus reveal how the borders between fact and fiction blur, and how images become icons and find their way into our collective memory of images.