As Elgiz Museum approaches its 20th anniversary, the museum opens its doors to Nilüfer Ergin’s solo exhibition entitled “Fragments of Crepuscule” from October 23, 2019 until March 7, 2020. The artist contextualizes the exhibition in an economic, historical, and political frame by bringing stories of past journeys together with today’s forced migration and internally displaced people en route that she reveals through metal forms, texts, images, and objects accompanied by sound. Ergin invites the audience to take action inside the space, and be part of the path that she has created to witness, question in detail in the crepuscule – a term borrowed from Antonio Gramsci, to pass the treshold among shadows and find the way out. The exhibition that approaches the migration problem on the basis of economic, ecological and cultural dimesions, also problematizes these aspects based on the context of neo-colonialism and elightens new utopias that change the paradigm while focusing on the transformative power of individuals.