During this one-day installation called Objectified, fine art body painter Trina Merry posed these questions and allowed viewers to come up with answers by creating a conversation with the self. Trina Merry and her team ART ALIVE Gallery collaborated with artist Theresa Because to create a 4 part installation: Martha Stewart-style country cottage Tiki style man den Executive’s urban condo Retirement RV “Our role as humans living in an urban lifestyle seems to be following the trends of our peers, our community, and the media we are fed. Is this our job? We do have choices, right? Do the living spaces that surround us own us or do we own them? The Objectified series poses these questions and allows viewers of this visual and performing art laboratory at ESMoA to come up with answers by creating a conversation within the self. What is all this stuff in my living space and why do I choose these material items? There seems to be a sort of cohesive relationship built between animate and inanimate objects in the home. At ESMoA, we wanted to entice you to explore four powerful examples of common living spaces that came alive through human models fashioned with body paint. The installations were created in collaboration with Theresa Because. The audience were welcomed outside the art space by the American Ideal Dream of living in a retirement RV accoutered to travel the great outdoors. Upon entry into ESMoA, a Martha Stewart-esque Homely Country Cottage awaited with live models painted as a lamp, vase and coffee table. There was also a model engaged in neverending household chores – something everyone can relate to. Further into the art laboratory, divided by human curtain-holders, the audience experienced an Ikea-esque Urban Condo where another human coffee table awaits along with a human lamp. Finally, the dream destination of every man at the end of an all-consuming workweek: The Tiki Man Cave. Tommy Bahama couldn’t come up with a masculine dream better than this room. There was a model as part of the bar, serving endless cocktails along side a human tiki statue, while five more models enveloped into one piece to form a relaxing getaway couch.”