The German artist Amely Spötzl unleashed PHYTOMAGNETIC at ESMoA on Main Street in El Segundo. The art experience from the art laboratory transformed the old Post Office located directly adjacent to ESMoA with a silver line drawing of a plane leaf inspired by a nearby tree. The effect of Spötzl’s work is visually dazzling, as the drawing reflects sunlight from different angles throughout the day. PHYTOMAGNETIC goes beyond mere outline to an indicator of the power of drawing to influence our visual conception of surroundings. Distinct from color, which keeps a shape intact, the lines of Spötzl’s plane leaf divide the Post Office building and interfere with the visual perception of outlines and contrast. The phenomenon is similar to the way the surface of water can be viewed distinct from the ground beneath it: Viewers are able to focus either on Spötzl’s plane leaf or the outlines of the building that frames it. “PHYTOMAGNETIC” is a term coined for Spötzl’s 2010 book with the same name, and it best describes what her work is all about. As physicists bicker about the presence of magnetic force behind plants, the artist has drawn attention of mathematicians and biologists who see many similarities in the way she examines unexplained phenomena concerning our perspective on plants. ESMoA’s former artist in residence, 38-year-old Spötzl was nothing if not energized with excitement about creating art in El Segundo and be available to the public. Indeed, PHYTOMAGNETIC can be seen as ESMoA’s first step toward creating lasting change in the oceanside village located south of LAX. Amely Spötzl created PHYTOMAGNETIC from March 2 to March 5, 2014.