MATTER aims to stimulate curiosity about the myths of life. Mythology and science have historically been intertwined, as people throughout time have used mythology to understand the natural world. The new ESMoA Experience explores the convergence of mythology and modern science, with its constantly changing theories, through the eyes of young German artist Michael Sistig. In his first solo show in the United States, Sistig will invite us to take a glimpse into his approach of negotiating modern science through the media of painting and sculpture. While we are used to seeing scientific theories translated in numbers, symbols and words, rarely do we see them presented like this as inspirational, confusing, yet somehow still comforting images. With Experience 23: MATTER, a new form of dialogue will unravel, challenging our mystified knowledge of modern science. Through the enchanting art of Michael Sistig, MATTER will reinvigorate in us a sense of wonder and magic toward numbers, geometry, and heroic archetypes. What are scientific theories? Why do we create these theories? How do we make sense of things we don’t understand? To what degree are we enlightened by new knowledge? Do our values develop based on this new enlightenment? How does scientific language affect our lives? How can we understand the world, when science wants to explain it in binary codes of 0 and 1? When we try to understand the world today, do we create myths, like the ancient Greeks did? Have those myths ever left us? Do technological advancements actually make us smarter, or more able to find awareness? Paradox disposition: Since his childhood, artist Michael Sistig has repeatedly encountered the same, simple aesthetic questions that he could never answer. Through painting and the intensive study of philosophy, he began to find answers, and he felt himself getting closer to Truth. Today, he is engrossed in the achievements of physicists and hopes thereby to come even closer to answering these open, elemental questions. He has become fascinated by the language of physics and scientific formulas, and he loves to create enthusiasm for modern science in others. With his interdisciplinary approach, Sistig allows himself to be inspired by various scientific facets. For the length of MATTER, the artist will transform ESMoA with his incredible, intuitively created imagery that explores the relationship between myth, magic and modern science. Begin Exploration: MATTER will show that you do not have to be a scientist to be inspired by the grand magic of science. Maybe the source for curiosity and scientific progress is not only to be found in numbers and formulas. Surprisingly, maybe art is the vehicle through which to understand science. Rather than explaining life through scientific theories, perhaps the way to understanding is through finding visuals for worlds no one has ever seen. ESMoA invites everyone to experience the firework of Michael Sistig’s extraordinary artwork by feeling its inspiring spark. The artworks in MATTER might look naive and childish, but who doesn’t want to see life on other planets? Los Angeles, 2016