The Monochrome Revisited explores the history and evolution of the monochrome, a provocative and innovative art form that invites introspection as it challenges perception. The exhibition begins by inviting audiences to question the origin of the monochrome - the ‘first’ documented monochromes can be found in publications as early as the seventeenth century. The core of the exhibition, inspired by Marcia Hafif’s historical 1978 essay, ‘Beginning Again’, looks at how Hafif and her contemporaries used the materiality of painting as the subject of their work to express their artistic and philosophical principles. Finally, we look at how contemporary artists today still engage with the art form to address contemporary issues, demonstrating the vitally important role the monochrome continues to play. Marcia Hafif’s ‘Beginning Again’ was published in September 1978 in Artforum. The Jean-Paul Najar Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of all the artists, individuals and organizations that have made this exhibition possible. Special thanks to Alanna Heiss, The Dale Henry Estate, David Batchelor, Alteronce Gumby, the Estate of Hassan Sharif, Alfredo Jaar Studios, Mohammed Kazem, Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde and Lily Wei.